Sunday, 6 December 2020

Coronavirus equivocation

The language of the coronavirus narrative is the language of equivocation. Its official narrators have adopted the policy of using a word to mean both what it denotes and what it does not, switching back and forth between the two in order to deceive. No matter how much the policies have changed, equivocation has remained the constant watchword of the propagandists. This misuse of language can be seen in the exploitation of every key term.

The term Covid deaths has been represented as though it means that the deaths were caused by the virus. Yet, the term has been used to refer to anyone who died and was with diagnosed with or presumed to have had the virus. These deaths could be from any cause. They might be caused by the virus or a heart attack or pneumonia or being run over by a bus. As long as the person either had or was presumed to have had the virus, the death has been counted as a Covid death.

When the government and the corporate media found in the summer that the number of deaths that could be attributed to the virus were so vanishingly few they stopped reporting them and resorted to the number of cases. A case is an individual who is ill and has been diagnosed and is in receipt of medical treatment, and that is how the term has been represented. However, what was being referred to in the daily reporting of all these so called cases was in fact positive results from the coronavirus tests. Yet, many of the people whose tests were positive were asymptomatic; they were not ill and they had not be diagnosed and they were not in receipt of medical attention. They were not cases.

Another example of this knowing misuse of the language has been the use of the word data. The government's most senior scientific advisor told the nation during a press briefing immediately prior to a parliamentary vote on the second lockdown: "The modelling, that's the data we are looking at." Patrick Vallance cannot but know that the outcomes of computer models are not data. Data are facts, things that have happened. He obviously knows this. Yet, he (and other expert advisers and government ministers and so called journalists) pretends that such mathematical projections are facts.

Last week the Medical and Health products Regulatory Agency announced that it had approved a vaccine. This was just another misuse of the language. A vaccine confers immunity from the disease on the vaccinated individual. Yet the developers of the product approved by the agency only claim that it will reduce the severity of symptoms. They do not claim that it confers immunity. Nevertheless, the coronavirus propagandists hail the approval as a historic moment and demand that everyone should be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity. The claim being that the "vaccine" is a public health measure and it is a moral duty to be vaccinated in order to protect others. Yet a vaccine is not a public health measure. It is a clinical treatment. The vaccinated individual is immune from the disease regardless of how many other people are vaccinated. The unvaccinated present no threat to the vaccinated as they have immunity. But of course in this case that is not true because the so called vaccine is not a vaccine as it does not confer immunity.

Throughout the pandemic the carriers of the narrative that the coronavirus is a deadly disease have deliberately misused the language in order to deceive. They have misused the language to consistently exaggerate the level of threat that the virus poses. This misuse of the language has lead directly and inevitably to the absurd situation where the government is intent on "vaccinating" the whole population with a "vaccine" that will not provide anyone with immunity from the disease in the name of protecting everyone from the disease.

If government ministers are being rational on the coronavirus issue (and there certainly is room for doubt), it would appear that the purpose of the so called vaccine is to dial down the fear that they generated and thus enable them to remove the restrictions that have caused such massive harm. If that is the case, a placebo labelled as a vaccine would be a better option as at least that would do no harm and would be considerably cheaper.

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