Monday, 4 November 2019

Deep state good, says corporate media

Deep state exists, says the corporate media. This recognition comes after years of denial. For many years the faux journalists in the corporate media have characterised anyone who dared to point to the existence of the deep state as a conspiracy theorist (which was nicely ironic in that the term was invented by the deep state - the CIA - as a method of discrediting its critics). Now, in a fit of collective amnesia, the corporate so called journalists have forgotten that the deep state does not exist and are declaring it does exist and it is something we should all be grateful for.

The complete about face on the deep state is like something straight out of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four. We are supposed to have no memory of all their previous assertions and are now supposed to believe that the new narrative has always been the narrative. For years they said the deep state was a delusion of conspiracy theorists. Now they seamlessly assert that the deep state is protecting the people and the constitution. It is the selfless work of patriotic people who work for the government and uphold the public interest, even, if necessary, by acting against the instructions of the elected representatives of the people. This is doublespeak on steroids.

The new deep state narrative was, unsurprisingly, launched by the Council on Foreign Relations. This new narrative is obviously a response to the threat that members of the US deep state perceive from the complete collapse of their Russiagate regime change operation and the likelihood of the exposure to criminal charges of many of the deep state actors in that plot. James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, and many others must be seriously worried that their attempt to firstly prevent Trump's election and secondly to overthrow the election result or so seriously undermine his presidency as to be able to force policies contrary to those he was elected upon on his administration.

In the US this scandal will doubtless focus on the anti-democratic nature of the plot against Trump's presidency. But the real crimes lie in the motivations behind that attack, specifically Trump's policy of wanting to engage in friendly relations with Russia, his desire to end the US illegal wars and regime change operations, his desire to bring home US troops, his view that NATO is obsolete. The attack on his presidency has prevented Trump from implementing these policy positions and thus resulted in the US continuing is illegal wars at the cost of untold lives and misery. The changed deep state narrative is an attempt to protect the deep state from being held accountable by recasting them as patriots doing their best to protect the country and the constitution from the harm that would have been done by a rogue president.

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