Thursday, 31 May 2018

More "Russia did it" fake news

When it comes to Russia, journalistic standards in the corporate media are as hard to find as unicorns. The "murder" of Arkardy Babchenko on Tuesday demonstrated this truism beyond any doubt.

The Ukraine coup government announced that the Russian journalist, Arkardy Babchenko, had been murdered in his home by Russia. The corporate media repeated the story, complete with much moral indignation and smug self satisfaction, denouncing President Putin and Russia.

Yet, no one at the BBC or CNN or the Guardian or Sky News or the New York Times or any of the rest thought for one minute to check even as to whether or not Mr Babchenkov was alive or dead. There was no attempt to check any facts. The corporate media simply rushed to regurgitate the Ukrainian disinformation and add their own moralising for good measure. These so called journalists were, at best, blinded by their own prejudices.

However, yesterday (Wednesday), Babchenko appeared alive and well at a press conference. His "murder" had been staged by the Ukrainian authorities. The report of his murder had been a complete fabrication, right down to the bloody picture of his corpse. When Ukrainian politicians and state officials had accused Russia of murdering him, they had been lying.

There is nothing surprising about such behaviour from the Stepan Bandera idolising neo-Nazis who took control of the Ukraine in the US backed 2014 coup d'etat. It is standard operating procedure for the regime - and the so called journalists in the corporate media must know this. Yet, not for a second did it occur to them to attempt to verify the narrative. Instead, they acted like the stenographers for power that they are. They simply repeated the propaganda as news, which is of course their standard operating procedure.

So when Babchenko appeared at the press conference on Wednesday, the corporate media hacks dealt with the new narrative by treating Kiev's claims with scepticism - no, of course, not. Instead, they treated the new narrative with the same uncritical acceptance as they had treated the "murder" narrative. The "hoax" (note: it wasn't propaganda or fake news or lies or disinformation) had been necessary in order to foil a Kremlin plot to murder Babchenkov - so the narrative was right all along: the Russians are assassinating journalists for having the audacity to say things critical of Russia. How very neat.

There is a very simple moral to the story: do not accept anything the corporate political media elite assert without evidence.

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