Wednesday, 25 April 2018

State sponsor of terrorism

Russophobia is now so rampant in the west's political media elite, it has become an absurd caricature. US Senator Cory Gardner has called for Russia to be labelled a state sponsor of terrorism. His argument (if such it can be called) is based on falsehoods, irrelevancies and blatantly absurd disinformation.

Gardner claims that the State Department should make the designation because Russia invaded Georgia and the Ukraine. (It didn't. And invading another country is not terrorism. However, a country much closer to Senator Gardner does have a history of invading other countries - care to hazard a guess?) Gardner also cites Russia's support for Syria. (This is true. But Russia is in Syria legally, fighting against terrorists - terrorists who are supported by the US, the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Israel, France and others. Indeed, the US has thousands of troops in Syria illegally and has repeatedly bombed the country and killed Syrian civilians and soldiers.) Gardner continues by claiming that Russia is engaged in an information war against western democracies. (If this is true, it is a purely defensive response to the concerted disinformation campaigns orchestrated by the "western democracies" against Russia.) Gardner also specifies that Russia meddled in the US 2016 presidential election. (After years of investigations, there is still zero evidence to support this accusation. However, there is overwhelming evidence of the US meddling in the politics of other countries, including Russia.) Finally, Gardner asserts that Russia is supporting the jihadi terrorists in Syria. (He gets this absurd claim from Ukraine reporting, a country the US State Department has slammed for its human rights violations.)

The absurdity of Senator Gardner's position is clearly revealed by the fact that all the accusations he makes against Russia can be made, proved, against the US. By his logic, the US is a state sponsor of terrorism. And, of course, it is. The US has a long and consistent history of supporting terrorism. The contras in Nicaragua, the Stepan Bandera idolising neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, the jihadis in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, to mention but a few. The US has meddled in the domestic politics of countries across the globe. Iran, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, to mention but a few. The US has invaded countries across the world. Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, to mention but a few. And this is why the vast majority of the people of world fully recognise that the US is an outlaw nation, which constitutes the most serious threat to world peace.

Perhaps Senator Gardner will call on the State Department to place the US on its list of state sponsors of terrorism.

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