Tuesday, 17 April 2018

No chemical weapons attack in Douma, says Fisk

The narrative of a chemical weapons attack in Douma on Saturday 4 March, which was used by the US, France and the United Kingdom to justify an attack on Syria, has been dealt a fatal blow. Robert Fisk, an award-winning journalist, with decades of experience of reporting on the Middle East, has visited Douma. There he sought evidence of the chemical weapons attack - and found none. He visited the hospital where the supposed victims were treated and interviewed the doctor, who informed him of what happened. The doctor told Fisk that the patients were suffering from a lack of oxygen, caused by dust. He said that White Helmets had arrived and shouted about a chemical weapons attack, causing panic, which they caught on video.

Fisk's debunking of the chemical weapons narrative has been independently corroborated by an American journalist, working for One America News, who went to the alleged crime scene and randomly interviewed residents. He was told that there was no chemical weapons attack and that it had been staged by the White Helmets, who have left for Idlib with Jaysh al Islam (aka, moderate rebels).

For over a week, the political media elite have been either ignoring Russia's claim that there was no chemical weapons attack or dismissing it as Russian propaganda and disinformation. They have repeatedly claimed (albeit inconsistently) to have proof that Assad ordered the chemical weapons attack. They have smeared anyone who was in any way sceptical of the official narrative as an apologist for Assad or a Russian bot or Putin's stooge, etc. However, these independent reports by western corporate media journalists will not be so easy to dismiss. And what they imply is even more sensational that the mere explicit refutation of the Douma chemical weapons attack narrative.

These reports show that the governments of the US, France and the United Kingdom did not have proof that a chemical weapons attack had occurred in Douma (it did not happen, so how could they have proof?). They show that they were lying when they claimed to have such proof. The reports also show the White Helmets as a propaganda arm of the jihadists (which these governments must know, as the organisation was created by a "former" MI6 officer and is funded by these three governments - amongst others). This shows that the "attack" was a staged event designed to provide these governments with propaganda cover for launching an illegal attack on Syria in order to assist their jihadist proxies, conducted as a part of their regime change operation.

These reports also support the accounts provided by the Russian and Syrian governments, which claimed there had not been a chemical weapons attack and that the incident was staged.

Nevertheless, the political media elite are still pushing their narrative. In the British parliament, which is currently debating this, members are all asserting that Assad used chemical weapons as though it were a proven fact. The corporate media are pushing the line that Russia has tampered with the evidence at the site, in order to pre-emptively explain away the assumed findings of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons inspection. They are also suggesting that doctors and residents in Douma are being threatened to force them to say that there was no chemical weapons attack. It is worth noting that the authors of these corporate media reports are not content with trying to salvage the official narrative. They are also busily using twitter to personally defame Robert Fisk.

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