Saturday, 31 March 2018

Russophobia in America

The Congress of Russian Americans wrote an open letter to President Trump on the subject of sanctions against Russia. In the letter they point out how negatively Russian Americans are suffering as a direct result of the sanctions. They also point out that Russophobic rhetoric surrounding these sanctions has resulted in serious discrimination and hatred against all the five million Russian Americans.

The liberal corporate media in American makes much of its championing of the rights of minorities. Indeed, when Trump signed an executive order, which they immediately dubbed a muslim ban, the liberal media denounced it as immoral and pretended that the Constitution conferred citizen rights on foreigners. They denounced Trump, and all who supported his travel ban, as racists. Yet, the same liberal media has been completely silent on the plight of Russian Americans.

This silence is stunning. There is only one explanation for the complete absence of media interest: Russophobia is so entrenched in the American political media elite that it is literally invisible, taken-for-granted, normal. A political media elite that cannot even see its prejudice and discrimination against millions of its own citizens is not only sick but a threat to the people.

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