Monday, 12 February 2018

American meddling in British politics

The claim of meddling in domestic politics of other countries has been a major plank of the political media elite's campaign against Putin and Russia. The fact that there is no evidence to support this assertion has not bothered either the politicians or the so called journalists. Yet the fact that George Soros has thrown money at the anti-Brexit group, Best for Britain, in an attempt to overthrow the result of the referendum is apparently just fine and dandy. Indeed, the US finance capitalist organisations were major supporters of the campaign to remain in the European Union, with Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan making huge contributions. In fact, it is apparently fine and dandy for just about anyone to meddle in British politics: Israel, for instance, uses its embassy in London to funnel money into both the Labour and the Conservative parties, and the government sees nothing to be concerned about.

Meddling in the politics of other countries is, in fact, normal. The US routinely meddles in the politics of other countries, often violently. Yet for the political media elite such interference, even when it causes death and destruction and misery and chaos on a massive scale, is something to be supported and cheered on. However, the mere allegation that Russia might have interfered with a British referendum or a US presidential election is outrageous and must be met with counter measures and sanctions; with a stepping up of military action, risking nuclear war.

The political media elite's responses to proven meddling and evidence-free alleged meddling are amazing. Proven meddling by the US and its allies are either ignored or supported or explained away; whereas, the alleged Russian meddling is treated as fact and used to justify hostile policies that push the world ever closer to armageddon. Of course, in the aftermath of such a nuclear conflagration, there will be no one around to judge who was good and who was evil.

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