Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Committee to Protect Journalists has named President Trump as winner of its award for overall achievement in undermining press freedom globally.

The Committee's judgement deifies both common and moral sense. The notion that Donald Trump calling CNN fake news does more to undermine press freedom than the state censorship imposed by countries such as Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Egypt is staggering. Such countries imprison and even kill people for exercising the fundamental right to freedom of expression; whereas Trump's alleged crime is the exercise of his right to freedom of expression. The Committee's award is just the latest example of the delusional hysteria of the neoliberal elite.

The notion that the exercise of freedom of expression undermines press freedom makes no sense. Yet the neoliberal political media elite apparently expect everyone to share their view that Donald Trump calling out the corporate media for pushing disinformation is more damaging than dictatorships, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, imprisoning and even executing people for expressing any dissent.

The Committee's award is just another example of the corporate media's hyperbolic criticism of Trump, which has done so much to undermine trust in the so called mainstream media. In my judgement, the winner of the award for overall achievement in undermining journalism globally goes to the corporate media, aka, the mainstream media. It merits this award by virtue of its decades long constant stream of false narratives, many of which have been used to justify illegal wars, wrecking death and destruction across the globe.

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