Monday, 8 January 2018

The BBC's criminal propaganda

The BBC (along with the rest of the political media elite) likes to portray RT and Sputnik as organs of Russian state propaganda. The accusations are as ironic as they are absurd. RT and Sputnik may well have their biases and prejudices, but they are nonetheless news agencies and neither have been shown to have deliberately produced false news, unlike the BBC.

In Sputnik one can read an article on the investigative work conducted by Robert Stuart into the BBC"s programme, Saving Syria"s Children. The piece describes how Stuart has convincingly demonstrated that the documentary was fictionalised propaganda designed to promote Washington's regime change operation in Syria. A particularly telling piece of evidence is the fact that the BBC team were provided "security" by Ahrar al Sham, a jihadist organisation linked to both al Qaeda and Islamic State, which Human Rights Watch had previously accused of the massacre of civilians, including women and children.

Ahrar al Sham is a jihadist group, committed to the creation of an Islamic state under Sharia. It is a designated terrorist organisation, but not by the United States even though John Kerry as Secretary of State repeatedly referred to it as a terrorist organisation. Amnesty International has accused Ahrar al Sham of war crimes and pointed to the organisation's use of chemical weapons. The organisation has received explicit support from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, as well as covert support from the US, the UK and France.

The BBC's involvement with Ahrar al Sham demonstrates beyond any possibility of doubt the broadcaster's role as an organ of propaganda, disinformation and the promotion of illegal wars. The executives and so called journalists at the British state broadcaster might be well advised to review the Nuremberg Tribunal trial of Julius Streicher, who was convicted of crimes against humanity and hanged purely on the basis of his use of journalism as propaganda.

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