Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Are we heading towards world war?

Today's Daily Mail has a front page headline that screams: Putin is a clear and present danger to Britain. The claim is, of course, laughable - well, it ought to be, but the political media elite have successfully perpetrated such lying propaganda over and over. They lied about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction that could be unleashed on Britain within a mere forty-five minutes. They lied about Libya, claiming that Gaddafi was about to massacre his own people. They lied about Syria, demonising Assad, whilst they supported the jihadis. They have lied over and over, and never are they held to account: so doubtless they think they can get away with it again.

However, Russia isn't a Libya or Iraq. It is a nuclear weapons power. The game the political media elite are playing is incredibly dangerous: they are the clear and present danger. They are risking a nuclear war.

The propaganda demonising Putin and Russia looks exactly like the propaganda campaigns the political media elite engage in prior to unleashing war. As they have ramped up this campaign of demonisation, blaming Putin for virtually everything, tensions have mounted and the risks of actual war have dramatically increased.

After promising Nato would not move one inch closer to Russia, Nato forces are now massed on Russia's borders - something the Mail cites, quoting the Chief of the General Staff, Sir Nick Carter, as a reason to fear the Russian threat: "They are not thousands of miles away, they are on Europe's doorstep", as though it was Russia that had moved towards Nato.

Those Nato forces amassed on Russia's borders are a potential trip wire. In the atmosphere of Russophobia that the political media elite have so assiduously nurtured, any small incident could easily be misinterpreted, by either or both sides, and suddenly and uncontrollably escalate into all out war. World War Three could be a mistake, much like the First World War, which no one sought but no one could prevent once the tensions and distrust and alliances were in place. In 1914 all it took was a terrorist assassination.

The world today has many potential points of conflict that could act as the equivalent of Gavrilo Princep's terrorist attack. The evidence-free Russia-gate scandal in the US has been characterised by many of the political media elite as an act of war. As a consequence, although Trump was elected in part to establish friendly relations with Russia, he has been unable to do so and sanctions have been stepped up and Russia has been deemed the greatest threat to American security. The deterioration in diplomatic relations ensures that almost any incident would be difficult to resolve peaceably.

We are now probably closer to nuclear war than ever before.

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