Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A corporate media propagandist

On the Real News Aaron Matte interviewed Luke Harding about his book, Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win. Matte adopts the simple, straightforward strategy of merely asking Harding for the evidence. The effect is devastating. Harding is obviously unable to offer a single shred of evidence. Instead he relies exclusively upon false facts, rhetoric and logical fallacies. His logic (such as it is) is nothing more than the syllogism:

Putin is bad
the election of Trump is bad
therefore, Putin had Trump elected.

Harding attempts to hide this absurd logic by resorting to strawman arguments, guilt by association, irrelevant history, falsehoods, appeals to authority, "context" (whatever that is supposed to mean), the representation of moralising as fact and the fact that some other people agree with him.

The interview is starkly reveals the extent to which propaganda passes for fact in the corporate media.

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