Monday, 25 September 2017

'We are at war' says Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a much admired actor. But his latest piece, a two minute video for the Committee to Investigate Russia, is just plain embarassing - or at least it should be.

Freeman claims that Russia is waging war on the US. He denounces Russia's aggression. He denounces propaganda. Yet every sentence is nothing more that propaganda and disinformation and misrepresention and completely unfounded allegation.

I do not know whether Freeman knows that he is pushing a lie (and a potentially disasterous lie at that) or whether he actually believes the narrative. But, he ought to be at least aware that there is no evidence to support the whole Russia-gate nonsense. He also ought to be aware that this nonsense was created and pushed by professional liars: people who have lied the American people into illegal, unnecessary, and devastating war after war. He also ought to realise that his endorsement of this narrative is only being sought for the glamour that a Hollywood star can provide. Mr Freeman is either a warmonger or so never-Trump that he is willing to risk anything to undermine Trump or an incredibly naive dupe.

The Committee to Investigate Russia is a coalition of Hollywood Democrats, neocons and rabid Russophobes, including the well known perjurer, James Clapper, the wrong-about-everything, Max Boot, the creator of the Axis of Evil meme, David Frum. These are people who have promoted US imperialism across the globe. Their inclusion in the Committee completely undermines the rhetoric, which paints the US as a shinning beacon of democracy and human rights.

The Committee is a propaganda organisation that thinks its target audience are a bunch of idiots that can be persuaded of any assertion just so long as it is wrapped in the US flag, pseudo-patriotism and delivered by a skilled narrator. Mr Freeman is the perfect front man. His narration is supposed to hide from view that fact that the Committee's only claimed support for its allegations is the January 6 report published by none other than James Clapper. The Committee assumes their audience has never read the report and never will, and is completely unaware that it contains not a single shred of evidence.

Freeman, and the other Hollywood Democrats, may think they are fighting Trump, but they are being exploited by the neocons, who are intent on US world hegemony, at any price, including nuclear war.

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