Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Victory of the deep state

The result of the November election has been reversed. The policies Trump campaigned upon, specifically ending unnecessary foreign wars, have been overthrown. The deep state-corporate-congressional complex has just forced President Trump to concede defeat. Perhaps, he thinks it is the only way he would be allowed to remain in office. However, he was not elected to occupy the White House, he was elected to implement is campaign promises.

Trump's announcement of his acceptance of permanent war was nothing other than a symbolic waving of the white flag. The writing was on the wall (which is now doubtless nothing more than a dream) from the moment Trump accepted Michael Flynn's resignation. His replacement by McMaster was a clear signal that the commitment to defeat the jihadis was over. McMaster holds precisely the same views about Islamic terrorism as Obama and Clinton and the rest of the neoliberal globalists: it has nothing to do with Islam.

The recusal of Jeff Sessions was a further blow to the presidency that Trump had campaigned for. It enabled the neoliberals in the deep state and congress to assert control over foreign policy, tied the hands of the president, and doomed to failure any attempt to improve relations with Russia.

The next major step in the capturing of the presidency was Trump's illegal bombing of Syria in response to the jihadist propaganda, which alleged that the Syrian Arab Army had carried out a chemical weapons attack in Idlib. This showed the deep state just how easily he could be manipulated and out manoeuvred.

The Charlottesville violence played directly into the hands of the neoliberal globalists, allowing the political-media elite to paint Trump and anyone who supported him as racist, neo-Nazis. Again Trump was out manoeuvred. This time by the simple rhetoric of: do you condemn the racists? The firing of Bannon signaled the collapse of Trump's morale, and indicated an end to America First policy commitments. Yesterday, Trump formalised his defeat.

In all the firestorm of confected outrage hyperbolically presented in the media, the people who voted for Trump have stood firm, recognising the attempted coup d'etat as the works of his, and their, enemies. Trump, however, has not shown the same fortitude. He has repeatedly allowed the deep state to control events.

The defeat of the policy commitments on which Trump was elected is a defeat, not merely for the vast majority of Americans (including those who did not vote for him), it is a serious setback for all who would wish to see a more peaceful world. Now the deep state has captured the presidency, there will be a stepping up of US military aggression around the world. Trump has already announced the ramping up of violence in Afghanistan. The CIA and the Pentagon are doubtless rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of resuming the regime change operation in Syria. Doubtless more support will be given to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its illegal war against Yemen. One can expect more war preparations in the Korean peninsula and the Ukraine and on Russia's western borders and in the South China Sea. One can expect a ramping up of tensions with Iran.

Doubtless the leading figures in the deep state-corporate-congressional complex are celebrating. They have captured the presidency, overthrowing the decision of the people, demonstrating that America is an empire run by an aristocracy.

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