Friday, 15 September 2017

On What Happened

I haven't read Hillary Clinton's book, What Happened. However, from the excerpts I have read, it is pretty poor, which is hardly surprising. Ever since the election result, she has been busy blaming everyone else for her loss of what was supposed to be a slam dunk. (The media and experts had claimed she had over a ninety-eight percent chance of winning.) The notion that one could produce an informed rational analysis from such a perspective is just plain bunk.

Anyhow, Amazon are determined to hide the fact that the book is awful. The Bezos operation is busy deleting unfavourable reviews and preventing people from even posting one star reviews of the Clinton it was everybody else's fault tome. According to the Amazon site, everyone thinks the book is just wonderful.

I guess one shouldn't be surprised by Amazon's behaviour. Bezos has a very lucrative deal with the CIA and uses his Washington Post to push the Russia-gate nonsense that Clinton and her cronies cooked up. So, falsifying data to promote Clinton is hardly new terrority for the Bezos empire.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also frantically working away to censor any criticism of the so called mainstream narratives (which are only mainstream amongst the one percent and their lackeys) on the specious ground of removing "sensationalism, misinformation and fake news". This campaign is firmly focused on critics of Clinton and the policies, especially foreign policies, she supported. To justify this censorship, Facebook claimed that some accounts on its platform were fake and had ties to the Kremlin. Of course, as with all this Russia-gate nonsense, Facebook failed to present a single shred of evidence. The pseudo-evidential basis for the judgment was that Facebook disagreed with the expressed opinions, which is effectively a tacit admission that it is a propaganda campaign.

The campaign against freedom of expression is also focused on established news media organisations. The FBI is investigating RT and Sputnik on the dubious ground that they are foreign agents and therefore should have registered as such under US law. The absurdity is immediately obvious when one considers that the US does not require the BBC, for example, to register as a foreign agent or indeed any news media outlet. Indeed, the FBI investigation is a clear violation the US constitution. Yet in this Orwellian age, it is apparently un-American to point that out.

Speaking of Orwell, one of the excerpts from Clinton's book that I read was really weird. Apparently, Hillary has read George Orwell's novel, 1984, and divined the true moral: the people should blindly trust their political leaders, the experts and the media. It is not easy to see how she reached this judgment (especially as it is the exact opposite of the actual moral of the story) but apparently she thinks that if the people do not place such blind faith in their leaders, the leaders will be forced to resort to authoritian measures.

The neoliberal globalist elite are clearly deeply concerned that the Internet and freedom of speech has radically undermined their ability to control the narrative. (Think back to 2002/3 and how easy they found it to push their lies about Saddam Hussein.) They are so concerned that they are creating a co-ordinated campaign across the mainstream parties, the deep state and the corporations to both promote propaganda and to deny freedom of expression to anyone who challenges their narratives. And if Hillary's interpretation of Orwell's 1984 is anything to go by, they are prepared to use any means necessary, no matter how authoritarian.

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