Friday, 29 September 2017

CNN wisdom

CNN's latest pearl of wisdom explains how Russia is destroying America by supporting Black Lives Matter. With all the appearance of complete sincerity, CNN reported that a Facebook ad was placed by a suspected Russian source promoting Black Lives Matter. CNN further reported that this was done to destroy America by inflaming racial tensions and divisions.

The smart people at CNN are apparently completely unaware of their own role in routinely pushing the  Black Lives Matter narrative and their constant highlighting of racial divisions and tensions. It seems that CNN expect their readers and viewers to judge CNN's promotion of the Black Lives Matter narrative and pushing racial divisions as something positive that helps to unite Americans; whilst simultaneously expecting those same viewers and readers to judge a single Facebook ad placed by a suspected Russian as having the exact opposite effect.

In fact the idiocy of CNN's spin defies credulity: for, if one is to take the CNN judgement that support for the Black Lives Matter narrative is destructive of America, it logically follows that Black Lives Matter constitutes a threat to America and so does anyone, including CNN, the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, etc, who supports Black Lives Matter.

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